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VODataService: a VOResource Schema Extension for Describing Collections and Services
Version 1.1

IVOA Proposed Recommendation 14 September 2010

Interest/Working Group:
Raymond Plante, Aurélien Stébé, Kevin Benson, Patrick Dowler, Matthew Graham, Gretchen Greene, Paul Harrison, Gerard Lemson, Tony Linde, Guy Rixon, and the IVOA Registry Working Group.
Raymond Plante


VODataService refers to an XML encoding standard for a specialized extension of the IVOA Resource Metadata that is useful for describing data collections and the services that access them. It is defined as an extension of the core resource metadata encoding standard known as VOResource [Plante et al. 2008] using XML Schema. The specialized resource types defined by the VODataService schema allow one to describe how the data underlying the resource cover the sky as well as cover frequency and time. This coverage description leverages heavily the Space-Time Coordinates (STC) standard schema [Rots 2007]. VODataService also enables detailed descriptions of tables that includes information useful to the discovery of tabular data. It is intended that the VODataService data types will be particularly useful in describing services that support standard IVOA service protocols.

Status of this document

This is an IVOA Proposed Recommendation made available for public review.
It is appropriate to reference this document only as a recommended standard that is under review and which may be changed before it is accepted as a full recommendation.

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