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Units in the VO
Version 1.0

IVOA Proposed Recommendation 22 September 2013

Interest/Working Group:
Sebastien Derriere, Norman Gray, Mireille Louys, Jonathan McDowell, Francois Ochsenbein, Pedro Osuna, Anita Richards, Bruno Rino, Jesus Salgado
Sebastien Derriere


This document describes a recommended syntax for writing the string representation of unit labels (‘VOUnits’). In addition, it describes a set of recognised and deprecated units, which is as far as possible consistent with other relevant standards (BIPM, ISO/IEC and the IAU). The intention is that units written to conform to this specification will likely also be parsable by other well-known parsers. To this end, we include machine-readable grammars for other units syntaxes

Status of this document

This is an IVOA Proposed Recommendation made available for public review.
It is appropriate to reference this document only as a recommended standard that is under review and which may be changed before it is accepted as a full recommendation.

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