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VOEventRegExt: an XML Encoding Schema for Resource Metadata for Collections of Events
Version 1.0

IVOA Working Draft 13 May 2014

Interest/Working Group:
Matthew Graham, Roy Williams, John Swinbank, Rob Seaman, Alasdair Allan, Ray Plante
Matthew Graham


The VOEvent format has been a recommendation of the IVOA since 2006, and is gaining wide acceptance. The purpose is to announce celestial transient events that may need rapid follow-up observation, and it is designed so that automated systems, as well as humans, can make decisions about VOEvent packets. This document defines a way in which the Registry infrastructure of the Virtual Observatory can be used to allow publication, discovery, and utilization of VOEvent resources. We define a new registry extension schema - VOEventRegExt - that specifies three new types of resource: VOEventStream, VOEventServer and VOEventAnnotator. The stream resource describes a scientifically coherent collection of events; that come from the same motivation, team, project, or experiment; each event of a stream uses the same vocabulary (parameters) to describe events; while the primary thrust of the VOEvent work is responding to future events, a stream can also describe events that have already happened. The server resource describes which computers and interfaces can be used to receive future events from (subscription capability), run queries on past events (query capability), and disseminate events (publish capability); it is described by the streams that it knows, and then by the capabilities it offers for each of those streams. Finally the annotator resource describes services which receive an event, do something with it, such as a catalog lookup, and then return additional information about the event.

Status of this document

This is an IVOA Working Draft for review by IVOA members and other interested parties.
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