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IVOA Spectrum Data Model
Version 1.1

IVOA Proposed Recommendation 20 October 2011

Interest/Working Group:
Jonathan McDowell, Doug Tody, Tamas Budavari, Markus Dolensky, Inga Kamp, KellyMcCusker, Pavlos Protopapas, Arnold Rots, Randy Thompson, Frank Valdes, Petr Skoda, Bruno Rino, Sebastien Derriere, Jesus Salgado, Omar Laurino and the IVOA Data Access Layer and Data Model Working Groups.
Jonathan McDowell, Doug Tody


We present a data model describing the structure of spectrophotometric datasets with spectral and temporal coordinates and associated metadata. This data model may be used to represent spectra, time series data, segments of SED (Spectral Energy Distributions) and other spectral or temporal associations.

Status of this document

This is an IVOA Proposed Recommendation made available for public review.
It is appropriate to reference this document only as a recommended standard that is under review and which may be changed before it is accepted as a full recommendation.

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