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Simulation Data Model
Version 1.0

IVOA Proposed Recommendation 10 May 2011

Interest/Working Group:
Gerard Lemson, Laurent Bourges, Miguel Cervino, Claudio Gheller, Norman Gray, Franck LePetit, Mireille Louys, Benjamin Ooghe, Rick Wagner, Herve Wozniak
Gerard Lemson, Herve Wozniak


In this document and the accompanying appendix we propose a data model (Simulation Data Model) describing numerical computer simulations of astrophysical systems. This data model is designed to support various IVOA protocols under construction for discovering and accessing the data products resulting from such simulations and their possible post-processing. One of these is the “Simulation Database (SimDB)” protocol (hence the former name SimDB/DM for SimDM), which describes a particular web service that gives access to a database containing metadata describing simulations. A separate document, “Simulation Database: Serializations and Services” (referred to as SimDB Services in the rest of this note) will cover the physical representations of the model as used in the SimDB protocol, and how they will be used in the SimDB interface. The SimDM has been developed in the IVOA Theory Interest Group with assistance of representatives of relevant working groups, in particular DM and Semantics.

Status of this document

This is an IVOA Proposed Recommendation made available for public review.
It is appropriate to reference this document only as a recommended standard that is under review and which may be changed before it is accepted as a full recommendation.

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