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Parameter Description Language Working Draft
Version 0.1

IVOA Working Draft 16 May 2012

Interest/Working Group:
Carlo Maria Zwolf, Paul Harrison, Frank Le Petit


PDL is a new language for describing parameters (and their related constraints) in scientific applications or services. One of its aim is to provide robust interoperability. Around the core language, we are providing a framework for: Easily transform any existing local program into a PDL service. Automatically generate a dynamic GUI for interacting with the service. The GUI will verify automatically the conformity between data provided by users and the constraints expressed into the description.

Status of this document

This is an IVOA Working Draft for review by IVOA members and other interested parties.
It is a draft document and may be updated, replaced, or obsoleted by other documents at any time.It is inappropriate to use IVOA Working Drafts as reference materials or to cite them as other than "work in progress".

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