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Scientific Workflows in the VO
Version 1.0

IVOA Note 01 April 2013

Interest/Working Group:
Andre Schaaff, Jose Enrique Ruiz et al
Andre Schaaff, Jose Enrique Ruiz


We will soon be facing a new generation of facilities and archives dealing with huge amounts of data (ALMA, LSST, Pan-Starrs, LOFAR, SKA pathfinders...) where scientific workflows will play an important role in the working methodology of astronomers. A detailed analysis about the state of the art of workflows in the frame of the VO involves languages, design tools, execution engines, use cases, etc. A major topic is also the preservation of the workflows and the capability to replay a workflow several years after its design and implementation. Several talks concerning these issues have been presented during the past IVOA Interoperability meetings. In order to undertake this task within our community we have decided as a first step to write this Note. We have collected experiences (including use cases, tools, etc.), references and remarks from the community.

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This is an IVOA Note expressing suggestions from and opinions of the authors.
It is intended to share best practices, possible approaches, or other perspectives on interoperability with the Virtual Observatory. It should not be referenced or otherwise interpreted as a standard specification.

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