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IVOA Architecture
Version 1.0

IVOA Note 23 November 2010

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Christophe Arviset, Severin Gaudet and the IVOA Technical Coordination Group
Christophe Arviset


This note describes the technical architecture of the IVOA. The description is decomposed into three levels. Level 0 is a general, high level summary of the IVOA Architecture. Level 1 provides more details about components and functionalities, still without being overly technical. Finally, Level 2 displays how the IVOA standards fit into the IVOA Architecture.

Status of this document

This IVOA Note reflects extensive discussion within the IVOA Technical Coordination Group, and it has been formally endorsed by the IVOA Executive Committee.This document accurately reflects the IVOA technical architecture, and will be updated as this architecture and the associated standards evolve.

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