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IVOA DataLink Protocol
Version 1.0

IVOA Note 02 May 2013

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Laurent Michel, Francois Bonnarel, Mireille Louys
Francois Bonnarel, Laurent Michel


Datalink protocol defines a new category of services allowing to link datasets with various resources such as other related datasets, metadata or other services. It provides a binding mechanism and the metadata structure necessary to describe connected datasets or secondary data for independent datasets discovered in previous VO operations. Data product linking is explored in the context of two main use-cases: enhanced quick look facility for XMM-Newton spectra and links between Healpix all-sky images and related resources. This note proposes a flexible protocol able to handle links targeting resources within or without the VO. The Datalink protocol includes a mechanism based on self-described services capable to process parametrized links.

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This is an IVOA Note expressing suggestions from and opinions of the authors.
It is intended to share best practices, possible approaches, or other perspectives on interoperability with the Virtual Observatory. It should not be referenced or otherwise interpreted as a standard specification.

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