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Characterisation DM: Complements and new features. Observation quality and variability - complex datasets
Version 1.0

IVOA Working Draft 29 October 2012

Interest/Working Group:
Francois Bonnarel, Igor Chilingarian, Mireille Louys, Juande Santander Vela, Jesus Salgado
Francois Bonnarel


The Astronomical Dataset Characterization Data Model (CharDM) defines and organizes all the metadata necessary to describe how a dataset occupies multidimensional physical space, quantitatively and, where relevant, qualita- tively, in such a way that they become interoperable. We present here a new version of the characterisation data model, with description of data interpretation aids from variablity of observations, together with new representations for polarisation and redshift axes. Complex datasets are also tackled.

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